Hello all!  We at Modomnoc's Bees are happy to announce that unique St. Modomnoc rosaries are now available.  These rosaries feature St. Modomnoc patron saint medals that are custom made and were designed by shop owner Hannah Keyes.  The front of the medal features St. Modomnoc with his bees, and on the back of the medal, a bee is flying towards the flower next to the words "pray for us."  

Currently, St. Modomnoc rosaries are available in two styles.  The knotted twine version

And the palm bead & twine knot version

These St. Modomnoc rosaries are only available at Modomnoc's Bees.  To learn more about St. Modomnoc, please visit our About section.  Additionally, we also have new St. Damien of Molokai rosaries available in knotted twine and palm bead & twine knot versions.  

We hope you love the new rosaries!  Enjoy!  

St. Modomnoc, ora pro nobis!